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Lincoln Electric

marketing: Lincoln Electric Welding Safety Series

client: Lincoln Electric/The Adcom Group



Making safety videos that are funny is tricky, because you have to take the safety seriously, and convey real information. We shot 24 3-minute videos in just five days.


See more at:

Some of my favorites are Module 4, chapters 7 and 9, and Module 5 Chapter 1

sketch comedy: The Hooray Show Starring Horatio Sanz

client: AOL/3Arts Entertainment

my role: DIRECTOR


Horatio Sanz is just plain funny – so that part was easy. The fun of this was the wide variety in the sketches, and the great people we got to work with, including Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell, Chris Gethard, and a myriad of other talented comedy performers. We had a four-person crew and of course no time and even less money. It was a great exercise in getting the most out of the resources we had.

Hooray Show

lifestyle: What Would Bobby Do?

client: Food Network



Everything I know about cooking I learned from Food Network host, Chef Bobby Flay. I edited his shows for over ten years, and at home I tried to cook just like Bobby. We turned the camera on my little experiments and had some fun with the cooking show genre in a high-energy, fast-paced web series. Bobby even joined in the fun, doing comedy sketches with us.



feature film: May the Best Man Win

distributor: IFC Films



We had a concept (groom can’t pick a best man between his two best friends), an outline, and the best improvisers in the business. Turn the camera on and let’s go! This movie was made in the edit room. It's been featured on the Sundance Channel, Video on Demand, and is available on iTunes.

Best Man

movie trailer: Time Freak - Academy Award-nominated short!

client: Andrew Bowler, director

my role: EDITOR


I'm not saying the trailer is what earned this film the Oscar nod. But I'm not not saying that either. Watch it on iTunes!

sizzle reel: HGTV Tentpole

client: HGTV

my role: EDITOR


Highlights of upcoming programming for the network.

HGTV Tentpole

sizzle reel: Travel Channel "Dive Into Summer"

client: Travel Channel

my role: EDITOR 


Highlights of themed programming block on the network.


sizzle reel: Holmes Buys Holmes

client: DIY Network



This show didn't exist when we made this trailer - it's always rewarding to repurpose material for something other than what was intended. It feels like you're doing a magic trick.

documentary: A&E Biography: Pontius Pilate

client: A&E/Working Dog Films

my role: EDITOR


A fascinating look at the life of the biblical figure. This is act 1.


documentary: Behind the Hatred: Mortal Enemies

client: Discovery Channel/New York Times Television

my role: EDITOR


An excerpt from this Emmy-winning documentary examining the parallel lives of Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat .

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