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"It’s good to be reminded of the stars out there who know how to make great lifestyle content."

Kathleen Finch,

Chief Programming, Content & Brand Manager

Scripps Networks, Interactive

"Adam is one of the most talented and versatile people I know. Whenever I start a new project I always ask myself how I can get Adam involved."

Andrew Bowler,

Oscar-nominated Director, Time Freak

"It's rare to find someone so talented in both production and on the creative side, but Adam is just that - a Swiss Army Knife of television excellence."

Jack Helmuth,

Writer, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

"Adam has three definite strengths when it comes to hiring him (I'm 80% sure he has others): his work, his skills, and his personality."

Matthew Metzger,

Director of Concept Development/Account Supervisor

The Adcom Group

"What’s most impressive is Adam’s ability to spark creativity in those around him. He has the rare combination of skills to guide any idea - his or your own - through all phases of production. His instincts for writing, pacing and performance have helped shape many of the films I've worked on; and his contagious sense of humor, inventive style, and dedication to the craft make working with him truly enjoyable."

Geoffrey Richman, Editor

The Cove, Sicko, Sleepwalk with Me 

Who's That With Me? That's Jimmy Fallon, the host of a late night television show called The Tonight Show. Here I'm directing him on the set of The Hooray Show.

Caught red-handed! Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay nabs me playing with his Emmys in between takes while shooting a scene in his office for What Would Bobby Do?

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